We fight greenhouse gas emissions by producing biofuels
and chemicals from fully re-cyclable rawmaterial - wood

Why ethanol from wood?

Developing the next generation biofuels is the key to end the dependance on fossil oils and adress the emerging climate crisis

Finnish wood industry produces a permanent feedstock of wood residues looking for innovative applications. At the moment too much wood is burned in local boilers

Due to high prices to grow energy crops, second generation production from bio residius is the most feasible path to biofuels in Europe.

News and events of our company

01.02.2018 / Sauli Niinistö: Ilmastonmuutoksen torjunta on lähivuosien tärkein asia..more.
24.01.2018 / Extraordinary shareholders’ meeting..more.
04.12. 2018 / Two alternative Estonian locations..more.

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Gasoline blending ratio ( % )





(law)20 %


(target)40 %