2nd generation biofuels are a perfect way to reduce transportation related carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously providing second life for sawmill industry side streams such as sawdust and woodchips. 2nd generation biofuels are versatile and sustainable solution for road transport, maritime transport and aviation. Continuous R&D efforts will take us further – beyond traffic fuels – and create viable solutions that offset and replace petrochemicals and other fossil raw materials with green alternatives.


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We play an active role in helping the EU reach transportation related CO2 emission reduction targets established in RED II directive and the European Green Deal*

14% of the energy consumed in road and rail transport renewable by 2030 and 90% reduction in transportation related greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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We help our clients, EU traffic fuel suppliers, reach and exceed their bio-component blending quotas defined in the RED II directive and member state legislation.
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We invest in continuous R&D to create alternative products for the marine and aviation fuel and green chemical markets.