The Government’s objective is to at least halve the greenhouse gas emissions of domestic transport by 2030 from the level in 2005. By 2045, transport must be changed to zero-emission transport.

We need to curtail traffic greenhouse gas emissions, if we want to achieve the targets set in the National Energy and climate strategy 2030, says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo. The roadmap for fossil-free transport – three three phases towards climate friendly mobility document published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes clearly defined concrete steps and options that need to be followed and implemented in addition to the existing ones if we are to halve traffic CO2 emissions by 2030.

The roadmap for fossil-free transport is arranged under three phases. The measures of the three-phased roadmap are particularly relevant for road transport, which accounts for the majority of transport emissions. In total the measures proposed in the roadmap aim to reduce traffic CO2 emissions by an additional 1,62 million tons per year in addition to the existing measures, which is required to meet the target.

Decisions regarding the first phase of the roadmap – supports and incentives – will be made in Spring 2021 and it includes among others the following proposals that are important to BioEnergo:

  • CO2 emission reduction from replacement of fossil fuels at least an additional 0,39 million tons per year
  • Propose expanding the scope of the distribution obligation legislation and raising the target level
  • Inclusion of biogas and electrofuels in the distribution obligation (biogas added)
  • Raising the distribution obligation of biofuels to 34 per cent (current obligation 30%)
  • Proposed means for Renewal of the car fleet
  • Including conversion subsidies for ethanol and gas cars and procurement of clean vehicles in the public sector

The round for comments will continue until 19 February 2021.

Ministry of Transport and Communications press release:, where you can download a copy of the proposal:

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BioEnergo reduces traffic carbon emissions. BioEnergo is in the process of building an advanced second-generation biofuel refinery in Pori, Kaanaa Industrial Park, Finland. BioEnergo’s products will help our customers meet their regulatory biofuel distribution mandates and help corporates reduce their carbon footprints. The biorefinery will use certified forest industry side stream sawdust and chips as feedstock to produce an estimated 60 000 m3 of advanced 2G bioethanol (for passenger cars), 130 000 MWh of 2G liquid biogas (for heavy duty vehicles), 73 000 tons of lignin (for low-CO2 asphalt, roofing felt and concrete) and 44 000 tons of CO2 (for industry/circular economy). At full production BioEnergo will employ directly and indirectly up to 250 people.