BioEnergo is planning to establish a bioconversion plant at Kaanaa industrial site, close to Pori. Kaanaa site is known as an old chemical industry area, originally by Kemira Oyj, and later also by Venator Oy. Porin Prosessivoima Oy, a 283 MW power plant, was build inside the area at 2005. Location suits very well to bioconversion activity, but because of area history a well prepared and documented EIA (Environmental Impact Analysis) will be prepared. As such, the size of the planned plant (raw-material capacity 200.000 DT saw dust/chips per annum) also requires well documented environmental work. BioEnergo is very pleased to publish signing of EIA work together with Sweco. Sweco plans and designs cities and communities of the future. A transition to sustainable energy is underway across the globe. Sweco?s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain, also with extensive knowledge and experience in environmental work and analysis. ?We are very delighted to co- operate with Sweco, says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo. ?Based on the location?s long industrial history, very well-structured work has to be performed. Sweco is completely capable to do that?, says Saini with confidence. EIA is a time-consuming process with lots of work and public hearings. It is estimated that BioEnergo?s EIA is accepted towards the end of 2020.