From a macro-economic point of view, one of the most effective ways to combat CO2 emissions is to invest in and increase the use of second-generation (2G) biofuels. In addition, 2G biofuels do not have adverse effects on internal combustion engines.

BioEnergo manufactures emission-free products. At the heart of the production is a bioconversion plant equipped with the latest technology. Our operations are based on a sustainable circular economy: our raw material is the by-products of sawmills, so we do not cut down forests and thereby reduce carbon sinks.

There are many benefits to using wood biomass as a raw material. When used to produce bioethanol, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% compared to fossil fuels.

When the raw material is wood biomass, there is no conflict between food production and second-generation bioconversion, as is the case with first-generation biofuels. BioEnergo’s operations are guided by ecological, economic and social sustainability Through all our work, we promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to the chemical industry’s adherence to the principles of

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