BioEnergo started Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) to its bioconversion plant at Pori/Kaanaa 19.09.2019. Pre-meeting with the authorities, led by Satakunnan ELY-keskus, was organized 08.01.2020. Public hearing was organized at 13.02.2020 at Kaanaa. First step in the planning work was EIE plan, which was released to the authorities at 16.04.2020.

During Spring/summer 2019 environmental impact work continued to prepare EIE report including also all feedback from the authorities and public. The final report consists of over 300 pages of detailed material, including analysis of all fields of environmental aspects.

The follow-up task force get together at 09.06.2020 and another public hearing was organized at 17.08.2020.

Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo is very proud of the report. ’It really looks environment from all possible directions. And the work is very detailed, indeed’, says Saini. The active partner to finalize the report and organizer of all materials and events is Sweco Industry Oy.

The report was handed to Satakunnan ELY-keskus at 07.07.2020, and final commetary of the authorities is expected very early December.