The EIR of the planned bioconversion plant was handed over to Varsinais-Suomen ELY-keskus 07.07.2020. After careful consideration, it gave its well-founded argumentation of EIR in 02.12.2020.

In EIR there are two construction alternatives. Both alternatives are considered possible, and the authorities share this consideration with some doubt. Especially the whole water impact of the plant requires further consideration. The main question is possible and alternative ways of operating waste water.

The EIR gives a good over-all picture of feasibility of the project as well as of presented alternatives. Based on the authorities’ considerations main impacts of the project are in sea area, climate and air (including smell), inputs in traffic and consequences in nature and natural reserves.

’The well-founded argumentation of the contact authority is a valuable document in our way forward’ says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo. Environmental Impact Permit is the most vital document in a planning process of bioconversion plant. ’We will follow the authorities’’ instructions vey carefully,’ says Saini. All considerations will be worked further in coming permit process.