Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment grants Energy aid for innovative energy projects every year. Aid is granted for new energy technology and large-scale demonstration projects which push forward future energy technologies and support Finnish and EU renewable energy target for year 2030.

In the 2021 it was possible to apply for Energy aid under one of the following three categories:

 1)      renewable transportation fuel, including electrofuels

 2)      other than combustion-based heat generation


 3)      other large-scale energy technology demonstration projects

BioEnergo applied for EUR 39,7 million of Energy aid for its Pori bioconversion plant project, which is in line with the size of the project and the indicative Energy aid percentages published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

BioEnergo applied for the Energy aid in the Renewable transportation fuel category. BioEnergo’s   planned investment perfectly meets the criteria set by the Ministry, as the support is intended for   projects that provide new energy solutions to achieve the targets mentioned above.

The evaluation and benchmarking criteria are demonstration value, feasibility, energy impact, cost-effectiveness and other impacts. The aim is to provide support for projects in such a way that the goals for future energy solutions as a whole are achieved in the best possible way, also taking into account the statements in the government program. With regard to new technology, the evaluation shall pay attention to the novelty value and significance of the new technology or other demonstrable concept in relation to the 2030 targets. The reproducibility of technology and the project, such as the BioEnergo project, is also important.

The preliminary timetable of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is that decisions regarding, which projects will receive aid will be made in the Fall 2021.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland list of applicants (in Finnish):


Timo Saini, Chairman, BioEnergo Oy, +358 40 715 3682,

Kim Isosomppi, Finance Director, +358 45 6380860,

BioEnergo reduces traffic carbon emissions. BioEnergo is in the process of building an advanced second-generation biofuel refinery in Pori, Kaanaa Industrial Park, Finland. BioEnergo’s products will help our customers meet their regulatory biofuel distribution mandates and help corporates reduce their carbon footprints. The biorefinery will use certified forest industry side stream sawdust and chips as feedstock to produce an estimated 60 000 m3 of advanced 2G bioethanol (for passenger cars), 130 000 MWh of 2G liquid biogas (for heavy duty vehicles), 73 000 tons of lignin (for low-COasphalt, roofing felt and concrete) and 44 000 tons of CO2 (for industry/circular economy). At full production BioEnergo’s advanced traffic biofuels will result in a CO2 reduction of 0,12 Mt/a and the company will employ directly and indirectly up to 250 people.