BioEnergo One, which uses sawmill by-products as a raw material, consists of a bioethanol plant and its associated process wastewater treatment system, as well as a biogas plant. The technology suppliers are two well-known players in the field, SEKAB E-Technology and Praj Industries.

Bioconversion is based on enzymatic hydrolysis, in which the cellulosic feedstock is broken down into sugars and lignin. Sugars are processed into biofuels and lignin can be used after drying in many different applications.

BioEnergo One is an independent plant that offers innovative solutions such as wood biomass as a raw material and its use in its input moisture, pre-treatment with optimal sulfur dioxide dosing, steam blasting, chemicals and enzymes used.

When the raw material is used in its input moisture, the solution is both energy and environmental efficient. The uniqueness of SEKAB’s CelluAPP® technology is related to the pre-treatment of raw materials and the fermentation section. Optimal sulfur dioxide dosing in pre-treatment significantly reduces the load on wastewater treatment. The SO2 reactor would be implemented for the first time on an industrial scale, as would the steam blasting included in the pretreatment.

BioEnergo One’s cost efficiency will be improved by integrating energy system into the next door Pori Process Power plant, which supplies the steam needed by the plant. The plant’s water efficiency will be improved through process water recycling, which is being applied for the first time to the chemical production of biofuels.

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