"Megatrends are shaping the future. Nature is in big trouble. There is a dual threat to life: global warming and micro-particles in air"


From macro-economical point of view, the most effective way to fight CO2 emissions, is to invest in 2-g biofuel production and increase its usage. Furthermore, investing in 2-g biofuels has no side effects on vehicle fleet or fuel distribution system.

BioEnergo produces only ‘green’ chemical alternatives. The hart of production is the bioconversion plant. Our raw-material is sawmill side-streams, so we are not reducing carbon sinks or acting as non-accepted land user.

The use of biomass as a raw material has many advantages. First of all, when used to produce bioethanol, it provides a CO2 reduction of over 80 % compared with fossil fuel.


Fuel versus food
As important is that using biomass as raw material, one need not to consider ‘food versus fuel’ objection. The conflict between food and 2-g bioconversion is non-existing.

BioEnergo operates according to the principles of sustainable bioconversion. Current and future needs must be met based on consideration of future generations. BioEnergo shall meet customers and stakeholder’s expectations based on legal framework and sound ethical values.


The biorefinery technology is fractionation technique.

Fractionating of biomass gives us carbon-neutral bioethanol mainly as biofuel use, and lignin as raw material for the industry. The cellulosic technology is in place and ready for commercialization.

Cellulosic raw materials are found in in large quantities all around the world.
In Finland the natural solution is wood, our ‘green gold.’