BioEnergo products

"A greener society with BioEnergo"


The world is in trouble. Actions and products are needed to fight GHG emissions. Traffic fuel is in a big role as an emission booster. A greener fuel alternatives has to be found.
As for gasoline, bioethanol is the solution mixed with fossil petrol. European fuel directive dictates the levels of bioethanol in existing car fleet. With minor technical changes a conventional car can utilize higher bioethanol levels, even up to 85 % (E 85).
BioEnergo’s bioethanol is 2-g bioethanol from the wood. SEKAB technology is environmentally certified to ISO 14001 standard. In this way we have good process over the environmental work and development and following the standard helps us continuously reduce the overall environmental impact of our operations


Lignin exists everywhere. In all biomass lignin consists approx. 20-40 % of the substance. Lignin is the compound (glue) which makes the plant stand straight. Lignin is never ‘alone’. It has to be derived from the biomass chemically.
BioEnergo is using ‘enzymatic hydrolysis’ process to break the raw material (wood) and separate cellulose and lignin.
In the process lignin comes out ‘solid’ (compared with pulping lignin) and is ready for further development of the industry.
Lignin is separated from the bioconversion process before distillation.


In fermentation cellulose is converted into sugars. In distillation sugars are converted into alcohol (2-g bioethanol). After distillation process the remainings are lots of water and distillation sludge, which will be directed into a biogas process.
The outcome of biogas process is 65 % methane, which will be liquified and concentrated to 99 %.The planned end use of biogas is traffic fuel.


CO2 is GHG gas which has to be captured and used economically. In the hydrolysis process biogas is released in fermentation process. This produces excellent quality CO2 (completely clean), because it is an outcome from hydrolysis, not from burning.
CO2 is widely used in food industry and that is our target market, as well.

Biogas sludge

The outcomes of biogas process are biogas, biogas sludge and water. Biogas sludge has alternative uses, to be burned, as soil improvement or for ex. as bio-coal.
BioEnergo is dedicated to find a good, ‘green’ solution to biogas sludge use, as well.