We reduce traffic emissions

BioEnergo is planning the world’s first industrial-scale bioconversion plant in Pori, which will produce advanced traffic biofuels and high-value-added bioproducts using sawdust as a raw material. BioEnergo’s vision is to act as a growth engine for the Satakunta ecosystem to be built around the new BioEnergo One production plant in the coming decades. The plant is replicable.

BioEnergo One will significantly increase domestic biofuel production and the self-sufficiency of transport energy sources. Its second-generation biofuels achieve an emission reduction of about 0.12 MtCO2 and the use of biolignin in asphalt production as much as about 0.23 MtCO2. All by-products of the production process, carbon dioxide, biogas digestate and turpentine, are recovered and recycled for reuse.

The location of BioEnergo’s BioEnergo One plant is planned to be the Kaanaankorpi industrial area in Yyteri, Pori. The BioEnergo One plant processes 200,000 tonnes of dry matter raw material and produces about 60,000 m3 of bioethanol, 130,000 MWh of liquefied biogas and 70,000 tonnes of lignin as transport biofuels, e.g. replacing bitumen in asphalt. The plant will strengthen the existing energy ecosystem by integrating in two directions with Porin Prosessivoima Oy’s power plant.

The location is in a logistically excellent location close to the port and in addition the infrastructure enables the utilization of the existing wastewater system. The raw material needed by the plant can be procured mainly within a radius of about 200 kilometers from the site. The plant’s operations are based on CelluAPP® technology developed and tested by SEKAB E-Technology AB’s demonstration plant in Örsnköldsvik, Sweden. However, the technology has not previously been implemented in the BioEnergo One plant size class.

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