As early as 2009, the founders of BioEnergo Oy became interested in the production of second-generation 2G bioethanol on an industrial scale from domestic wood, which did not compete with food production as a raw material. However, there was no market for advanced traffic biofuels at the time, but it soon began to happen.

The EU adopted the Renewable Energy Directive (RED I), which signaled growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions while increasing attention to reducing emissions in traffic. The RED II Directive ushered in a whole new era, as it required fuel distributors to have sufficient 2G biofuels, even with the imposition of a penalty payment. Thus, biofuel investments such as BioEnergo One may be based in part on demand generated by the RED II Directive.

Along with the positive development of the market, technology also advanced. With the support of VTT, the state technical research center, BioEnergo ended up devising a bioconversion plant in which wood biomass is decomposed by enzymatic hydrolysis. In 2016, a technology partnership agreement was signed with the Swedish company Sekab E-Technology Ab. The next significant step in technology collaboration was taken in the summer of 2020, when the Indian Praj Group entered into a partnership agreement with Sekab. Through the Praj / Sekab combination, BioEnergo has Sekab’s unique expertise in utilizing wood raw material as a biofuel and Praj’s global experience in the field of industrial bioenergy construction.

BioEnergo announced its plans for a bioconversion plant in November 2019 in Pori, which had been selected as an investment site due to its proximity to its industrial infrastructure, port and raw material sources. Satakunta’s innovation ecosystem proved to be the best place for BioEnergo to be located.

In February 2021, BioEnergo submitted an environmental permit application for the project. The bioconversion plant is scheduled for completion and start-up in 2024.

In the future, sawdust will be used to make ethanol in Pori with the expertise of Praj and Sekab, says Timo Saini, Chairman of the Board of BioEnergo. Photo: Yle / Jari Pelkonen
The bioconversion plant is planned for the industrial area of Kaanaa in Pori on the site, which currently serves as the storage area for Porin Prosessivoima Oy. The export port, which is important for the plant, is only five kilometers away. Photo: Yle / Jari Pelkonen

The Board

Timo Saini


Owner, board professional with experience in brands, media companies and working on the boards of more than 30 companies. Senior Advisor at Boardman Oy. Founding partner in BioEnergo Oy.

Samuli Kyttälä

Member of the board   

BioEnergo's technology projects and project management professional. Solid work experience from Neste and Wärtsilä Corporation.

Present Chief Business Officer, Project Services at Prohoc. Head of Owner´s Engineering Team.

Søren M. Overgaard

Member of the board

Lara Pacheco

Member of the board

Project management

Tuomas Saarinen

Managing director

Kim Isosomppi


Financial and investment professional. BBA from Helsinki School of Economics. Worked as an auditor at Coopers & Lybrand / PWC in London as a venture capital / investment banking expert at Nomura International in London and J-M 3 Capital in London. Extensive experience in project finance. An important part of BioEnergo's financing team.

Kari Veromaa


Highly experienced in energy logistics and distribution, both on land and at sea. Extensive career as CEO of SEO (Finnish Energy Cooperative).

Owner´s Engineering Team

Hannu Turunen

Project Manager

Valuable experience in project management positions, especially in energy projects.

Previously at Pori Energia Oy and Kemira Oy.

Most recently acted as project manager for Pori Energia’s Aittaluoto biomass power plant construction.

Owner's Engineering Partner, Prohoc
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