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13.02.2020 / Public Meeting of Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) at Yyteri, Pori.
As part of the EIA process, a public meeting was organized to local people and interested parties. The meeting was published a.o. in a local newspaper. Some 70 people participated to the meeting.

The meeting was opened by senior inspector Petri Hiltunen from Varsinais-Suomi Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, who welcomed all the participants. He also described the legal background of the EIA and the related processes.

Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo, briefed the participants of BioEnergo’s plans. He also described in detail the selection process behind choosing Yyteri industrial site as preferred location to BioEnergo’s bioconversion plant.

Project manager Sirpa Torkkeli from Sweco presented EIA program of the project.

The presentations were followed by lively questions and answers in various related areas, covering wastewater, smell, noise, traffic a.o.

All the questions were noted and are relevant material in EIA. A second public meeting will be organized in later spring, to release more in detail the findings of EIA program.

‘Very fruitful discussion,’ commented Timo Saini the outcome of the meeting. ‘Of course, all legal restrictions will be followed, but as important is keeping local people well informed of the plant status and outcome’, added Saini.
08.01.2020 / Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) of Bioconversion Plant - Pre-briefing of the authorities
The Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) of BioEnergo’s bioconversion plant has started well. As the first external event in the process, a pre-briefing of the activity was organized to the related authorities. The event took place at Varsinais-Suomi Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment at Turku 08.01.2020. A draft EIA program was presented in the meeting by Sweco Oy.

Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo, presented the status of existing plans followed by relevant questions and answers of the participants. ‘The meeting was very necessary’ commented Timo Saini. ‘Participating number of authorities and stake holders in this type of activity is numerous. Openness and keeping everybody well informed is the only way to manage the challenging time tables of the project’, continued mr Saini,
11.11 2019 / Publicity Conference
Publicity Conference, 11.11 2019

At November 11th BioEnergo had invited its key focus groups, project partners, potential customers, media and others to participate to publicity conference, where BioEnergo released its plans to invest in a bioconversion plant at Kaanaa industrial site at Pori, Finland.

According to the chairman of BioEnergo, Timo Saini, ‘the project has proceeded according to the forecasted plans’. The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Satakunta supports the project’s feasibility study and has together with the European Regional Development Fund granted subsidies to the project. The expert organization CTS Engtec Oy will conduct and co-ordinate the study.

The final investment decision will be made by the end of 2020, and the plant should be ready in the beginning of 2023. The EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) has already commenced with the expert company Sweco Oy.

In order to fight the negative climate change, we must decrease the oil consumption. Traffic has a key role here. The main product of the new plant will be 2-g bioethanol. 2-g bioethanol is the additional ‘green’ substance in fuel. The plant’s other main product is lignin, which can be used as the ‘green glue’ in asphalt production together with of oil based bitumen.

‘So far it has not been possible in asphalt production to use any other binder but fossil bitumen. Perhaps we have found the recycling natural material, lignin or ‘wood glue’, to substitute the fossil bitumen’, says Timo Saini from BioEnergo.

Biogas is the third major product from the plant. It is perfect to be used as vehicle fuel, because it is 100 % renewable. ‘Biogas will fit to our operations perfectly and will further confirm our position in reducing traffic emissions, says Stefan Fors, the project director at BioEnergo. Biogas is forecasted important as the green fuel especially for heavy traffic.

‘Our plant would traditionally speaking be called an ethanol plant’, says Stefan Fors from BioEnergo. ‘However, as ethanol is not our sole end-product, we prefer to use the term bioconversion to describe the multiplicity of the plant and end its products.

According to the investment plan the plant will use about 200 000 dry tons of sawdust and woodchips as raw material. The yearly production will mount up to about 63 000 m3 of ethanol and about 70 000 tons of firm lignin. The plant will directly employ around 40 – 50 persons, and indirectly several hundreds. The construction phase will require a work force of about 500 persons.

SEKAB E-Technology Ab, situated in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, will be the project technology partner. ‘The partnership with SEKAB is crucial for this project, as they have enabled the testing of the process in their own demo plant. We will build a plant for commercial purposes’, says Saini. ‘We find SEKAB technology extremely suitable for the BioEnergo project’, states Monica Normark, director of SEKAB. ‘The SEKAB bioconversion demo plant in Sweden has generated “ethanol from the wood” every day in more than ten years.’

According to Saini, it has been a challenge to find an adequate location for the new bioconversion plant. Venator Oy’s pigment plant on the industrial area of Kaanaa in Pori will close in 2021. Venator, Porin Prosessivoima Oy, Pori Energy Oy and Kemira have been interested in finding new actors to the area.

Saini is very pleased with Pori as the location for the project. ‘The presence of traditional chemical industry in the area gives the operations the necessary framework. Thanks to our partners Porin Prosessivoima and Kemira for instance steam, electricity, water and other facilities needed for the plant are already accessible. Also the plant position near the harbour is vital’, Saini describes.

‘The investment in the plant will have a very positive impact on Pori, which in many ways is looking for expansion’, says Janne Vartia, Business and Industry Manager at Pori.
19.09.2019 / SWECO signs Environmental Impact Analysis work with BioEnergo
BioEnergo is planning to establish a bioconversion plant at Kaanaa industrial site, close to Pori. Kaanaa site is known as an old chemical industry area, originally by Kemira Oyj, and later also by Venator Oy. Porin Prosessivoima Oy, a 283 MW power plant, was build inside the area at 2005. Location suits very well to bioconversion activity, but because of area history a well prepared and documented EIA (Environmental Impact Analysis) will be prepared. As such, the size of the planned plant (raw-material capacity 200.000 DT saw dust/chips per annum) also requires well documented environmental work. BioEnergo is very pleased to publish signing of EIA work together with Sweco. Sweco plans and designs cities and communities of the future. A transition to sustainable energy is underway across the globe. Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain, also with extensive knowledge and experience in environmental work and analysis. ‘We are very delighted to co- operate with Sweco, says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo. ‘Based on the location’s long industrial history, very well-structured work has to be performed. Sweco is completely capable to do that’, says Saini with confidence. EIA is a time-consuming process with lots of work and public hearings. It is estimated that BioEnergo’s EIA is accepted towards the end of 2020.
01.07.2019 / BioEnergo signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with SEKAB E-Technology on bioconversion technology
To break biomass to cellulose and lignin requires very special technology, hydrolysis technology. All biomass can be braked down, and every biomass has its own particular amount of cellulose and lignin in its structure. The amount of cellulose relates to final yield of 2-g ethanol from the process. Wood is a difficult raw-material due to its hard structure. However, wood is very good raw material in bioconversion process, due to its very high cellulose concentration. BioEnergo’s raw material is planned to be softwood, pine and spruce. Within the industry wood is not a preferred raw material. An exception is Sekab E- Technology in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Sekab has a 24/7 operating demo-plant, active already over 10 years and dedicated to softwood as raw material. Sekab and BioEnergo signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) 01.07.2019 to evaluate the potential use of Sekab technology, CelluAPP technology, in BioEnergo’s bioconversion project at Pori. The discussion will continue to achieve mutually acceptable final and binding agreements of co-operation. ‘We have co-operated with Sekab already many years’, says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo. ‘Sekab is almost our neighbour, on the other side of Nordic Bay, and it is really dedicated to wood as raw material’, adds Timo Saini very positively. Because BioEnergo has been able to test the process in Sekab’s demo-plant, it can concentrate on building a commercial scale factory, first of its kind of this size in the world. ‘Sekab’s CelluAPP technology fits perfectly to BioEnergo’s needs’, says md of Sekab E-Technology Monica Normark. ‘Sekab’s demo-plant has been producing 2-g ethanol from the wood daily already over 10 years’, continues Normark proudly.
01.09.2019 / Stefan Fors has been nominated as project director in BioEnergo
Since early 2018 the project work to establish a bioconversion plant of BioEnergo has had an organized form. The project has advanced well. The key technology provider, SEKAB E-Technology, has been agreed. Also, the location of the plant has been agreed at Kaanaa Industrial site, close to Pori. To further strengthen the planning process in 02.09.2019 Stefan Fors has been nominated as project director of the bioconversion plant, reporting to Timo Saini, chairman and CEO of BioEnergo. ‘I am very pleased to see Stefan in this important role’, says Timo Saini. ‘His very broad knowledge and experience in forest and chemical industries, is really a great asset to our project, I am really looking forward of working with Stefan’, says Timo. Stefan has valuable experience in new business development in paper, bio- composite, plastics and chemical industries. He is seasoned director at UPM with 25- year service in different manager / director positions. Most recently he has worked as a consultant in biomass, bio-composite and pulp & paper industries.
12.08.2019 / Letter of Intent signed with Venator Oy
BioEnergo has been searching right location to planned bioconversion plant already for some time. From the beginning of 2019 Pori area has emerged as potential candidate. Discussions with Porin Prosessivoima Oy and Kemira Oyj turned the focus to Kaanaa industrial site, close to Pori. Kaanaa has all the services needed to bioconversion plant, site, steam, electricity, fresh water, a.o. The landlord at Kaanaa is Venator Oy. BioEnergo’s interest is to agree a rental agreement close to Porin Prosessivoima. A preferred site has been pointed out. The rental agreement negotiations with Venator progressed in good faith and a Letter of Interest was signed in 12.08.2019. ‘This is a great step forward’, says Timo Saini, chairman of BioEnergo.’We have been searching for an ideal location already for a long time. This is good, this is very good’, says Timo Saini. The Letter of Intent confirms the willingness of both parties to continue discussions to reach final agreement on site lease agreement.
29.03.2019 / Satakunnan ELY-keskus myöntää BioEnergolle kehittämisavustuksen biokonversiolaitoksen toimintakelpoisuuden arvioimiseksi.
Pori sijaintipaikkaselvityksen jatkotoimenpiteenä BioEnergo jätti Satakunnan ELY-keskukselle hakemuksen biokonversiolaitoksen toimintakelpoisuuden arvioimiseksi Poriin. Arvio on hyvinkin kattava, jossa arvioidaan sijaintipaikka (tarkemmin), teknologia, investoinnit, kustannukset, lopputuotemarkkinat, yhteistyötarpeet paikallisten toimijoiden kanssa, jne.

29.03 ELY-keskus teki kehittämishankkeesta myönteisen päätöksen. Rahoitus löytyy osin kotimaista lähteistä ja osin Euroopan aluekehitysrahastosta.

Hanke käynnistyi saman tien valtaosin ulkopuolisten toimijoiden/asiantuntijoiden toimesta. Selvityksessä on monta osiota ja ne valmistuvat hieman eri tahdissa, ensimmäisten osioiden valmistuessa jo ennen juhannusta.

Kerättyjen aineistojen kattavuus mahdollistaa hankkeen Feasibility Studyn tekemisen ja vahvistanee osaltaan hankkeen toteutuskelpoisuuden, mutta samalla myös hankkeen kannattavuuden ja sijoituskelpoisuuden.

25.03.2019 / BioEnergon yhtiökokous valitsee Tuomas Saarisen yhtiön hallitukseen
BioEnergon yhtiökokous pidettiin 25.03 Helsingissä. Yhtiön hallitukseen valittiin Timo Saini, Stefan Fors ja Tuomas Saarinen. Timo Saini on BioEnergon perustajaosakas, Stefan Forsilla on erittäin vahva kokemus UPM:llä ja Tuomas Saarinen on pienosakkaan, luxembourgilaisen pääomarahasto Apollonian Global Capital S.A.:n perustajaosakas ja hallituksen puheenjohtaja.

Nyt meillä on hyvä hallitus, sanoo BioEnergon hallituksen puheenjohtaja Saini. Stefan osaa ja tuntee teknologian. Minä tunnen yhtiön. Ensimmäistä kertaa meillä on hallituksessa mukana vahva rahoituksen osaaja, Tuomas. Olen tähän kokoonpanoon erittäin tyytyväinen, jokaisella on omaan erikoisosaamiseensa perustuva tärkeä positio.
15.02.2019 / Sijaintipaikkaselvitys Poriin valmistuu.
BioEnergo on ehtinyt tutkia monia paikkoja biokonversiolaitoksen sijaintipaikkana, Heinola, Kajaani, Ilomantsi, Korkeakoski, Sunila, Nokia vain joitakin mainittuna. Loppuvuonna 2018 yhdeksi vaihtoehdoksi valikoitui Pori. Asian takana oli vahva porilainen intressi ja niinpä taustavaikuttajat tilasivat BioEnergolta sijaintipaikkaselvityksen porilaisista vaihtoehdoista. Selvityksen toteuttajaksi valittiin CTSEngtec Oy.

Selvitys valmistui 15.02.2018 ja lopputulos kuvaa Poria hyvänä sijaintipaikkavaihtoehtona. Hyvä sijaintipaikka on todella monen tekijän summa ja on Porissa haasteitakin, sanoo BioEnergon hallituksen puheenjohtaja Timo Saini, mutta jatkaa, ettei Porissa tullut eteen yhtään ylipääsemätöntä estettä. BioEnergon hallitus päätti jatkaa Pori vaihtoehdon jatkoselvittämistä.
01.02.2018 / Sauli Niinistö: Ilmastonmuutoksen torjunta on lähivuosien tärkein asia...
Presidentinvaalien virkaanastujaispuheessaan presidentti Sauli Niinistö otti kantaa myös ilmasto- ja ympäristökysymyksiin. Hän sanoi, että ’Ilmastonmuutoksen torjunta on lähivuosien tärkein asia. Niin vain on, ettei ihminen kestä maapallon menetystä.

On kai ajateltu, että onhan tuolla ylhäällä ilmakehässä tilaa – paljon pitääkin olla, kun kymmeniä miljardeja tonneja hiilidioksidia sinne vuosittain päätyy. Ahdasta on jo nyt, ja se tuntuu.
17.06.2017 / SEKAB as potential technology supplier…
Discussions with SEKAB E-Technology, Sweden finalized to agree SEKAB as potential technology supplier.


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