History of BioEnergo

BioEnergo is a project company in bioconversion. Ethanol knowledge has been known for several hundred years. First time it was used as automobile fuel in late 1860 (over 150 years ago) by Nikolaus August Otto in Germany in his combustion engine.

BioEnergo was started at 2009 by entrepreneurs interested in 2nd generation bioethanol. It was much early for commercial activity, but good timing for development. Knowledge of 2-g bioconversion started to spread around, and also general knowledge in environmental issues, especially global warming, started to emerge.

Both internationally and locally politicians and law makers started to attack emission challenge. Renewable Energy Directive I (RED I) was published in Brussels. Local legislation in Finland was even more challenging than EU. Now, in the light of RED II, renewable energy targets are in place, and the markets can adapt to the new situation

Early funding to BioEnergo came from the project owners and angel investors. At the time of BioEnergo’s first version of Feasibility Study Tekes decided to support the company with a development grant. Now, for the preparation of Feasibility Study II a development grant from Satakunta ELY-Keskus has been received.

Already at 2016 BioEnergo chose SEKAB E-Technology Ab, a Swedish technology provider, to become the technology partner of the company. SEKAB is recommended to be the ‘world leader in bioconversion from the wood’. More challenging was to find perfect location to bioconversion plant. Late discussions with Pori area have been good, and Pori has been selected as a most potential location to BioEnergo.

Now BioEnergo is ready to move. Technology is available, location is available, good project documentation is emerging, early funding is available – and lot’s of work ahead!


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