To fight greenhouse gas emissions by producing fuels and chemicals from fully re-cyclable raw-materials – wood
The primary goal of BioEnergo is to establish the first commercial size bioconversion demo plant using wood as feedstock
The secondary goal of BioEnergo is to multiply this bioconversion plant in Finland, The Baltics and Russia
Developing the next generation biomaterials is the key to end the dependence on fossil oils and address the emerging climate crisis.

BioEnergo Oy is a Finnish company, whose vision is to utilize renewable feedstock, wood, and produce 2nd generation bioethanol as well as lignin developments, mainly from pine and spruce.

Lot’s of development happens with future energy solutions worldwide, including 2nd generation bioethanol possibilities. For Finland we see that wood is the feedstock answer. Partnering with wood industry, energy suppliers, steam producers a.o. is our way of proceeding.

The expected size of the BioEnergo full-size demo plant is based on 100.000 dry tons of feedstock.
The plant location is Korkeakoski, Kotka.

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Project development of BioEnergo consists of core team and efficient networking


Timo Saini

Managing Director

Vast experience with brands and media. Devoted board professional with special interest in Corporate Governance. Working practise in over 30 boards. Senior advisor at Boardman Oy. Founding partner at BioEnergo Oy.

Kari Veromaa


Certified Sea Captain. Very experienced in energy logistics and distribution, both land and sea. Also acted as Managing Drector to SEO (Suomalainen Energiaosuuskunta)

Stefan Fors

Valuable experience in new business development in paper, biocomposite/ plastics and chemical industries.
Seasoned director at UPM with around 25 year service in different manager/ director positions. Lately as a consultant in biomass, biocomposite and pulp & paper industries.

Antti Lukka

Technology Adviser

B.Sc. in process technology. Managing Director at CTS Entec Oy. Highly experienced technology professional. Provider of BioEnergo’s Feasibility Study.